• I want to port the approved action plans into ActionSoft. Why are no plans are being shown in data porting form of ActionSoft?
    Check the Approved action plan report in PlanPlus, if there are NO approved action plans for that particular plan year in PlanPlus. Hence the same cannot be available in ActionSoft for porting.
  • How to port data from PlanPlus to ActionSoft ?
    To port the works from PlanPlus to ActionSoft please follow the below mentioned steps:
    • Login to ActionSoft , click on Data Porting link available in the left hand side menu.
    • Select the Plan Year for which Data has to be ported from PlanPlus to ActionSoft.
    • Move it to the right hand side list box.
    • Click on ‘Port data’ button.
    • Then the porting request shall be taken up.
  • Where can I view the ported works of Approved Action Plan in ActionSoft?
    To view the ported works of Approved Action Plan, follow the below mentioned steps:

    A. Click on “work check list” which is available on home page under citizen section->report (as a citizen, hence logging in the application is not required)
    • Select the state, plan unit & plan year for which you want to see the ported works.
    • You will find list of ported works with their status (where these work are available in ActionSoft).

    B. Flow of ported data in ActionSoft (as a registered user, hence Login is required)
    • If a work status is Fund allocation--- It means that you have not yet started the execution of the Work .Then first you have to go to fund receipt, technical approval, admin approval etc.
    • If a work status is under execution --- It means that you have entered some progress in Planplus. So you can directly go to progress reporting in ActionSoft.